Designation Self-evaluation

Self-evaluation – choosing the most appropriate designation based on your work experience

Your choice of designation is a very important decision. Each designation has different requirements. What you include in your PoE for one designation, may not be useful if you wish to change your application to another designation.

The designations match different stages in the career of a skills development professional, and your designation should match to the work that you currently do. In essence, they confirm competence in these areas:

1. In choosing which designation is most suitable at this point in your career, begin by considering what work you are currently involved in, using this table as your guide.

2. Then read the Designation Description for the Designation that seems most relevant to the work that you do.  We have included these Designation Descriptions below.

3. Finally, go to the Designation self-evaluation for your chosen designation. This instrument will help you quickly assess whether you are on the right track and have the necessary workplace experience to complete the Portfolio of Evidence for the designation you have chosen.

Designation Descriptions

Designation self-evaluation