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Join the virtual AGM on 13th October 2021 at 12pm for the results of the AGM Voting.


It has been an exciting year at ASDSA. We have implemented new processes and improved some of our processes, we have welcomed new members to ASDSA and many members have received their designations during the last year.

Sharon van den Heever – ASDSA Chairperson’s Address 

Keynote speaker: Dr J Reddy

The COVID pandemic has meant that remote working has become the new normal and so in turn has online learning. Organisations are looking more towards keeping the learner at their workstation rather than in a training venue and sourcing the best online learning to support this, including on a global level. Organisations want short and sharp learning interventions that provide specific job skills. Associated with this is a rapidly growing interest in programs that offer micro-credentialling that could be sourced locally or globally, and that are not necessarily linked to a qualification. 

The current framework of the NQF does not seem to support micro-credentialing very well and risks becoming less and less relevant, particularly given the integrated nature of the new Occupational Qualifications.

How will we align micro-credentialing to the NQF so that it remains current and relevant?

Register to listen to Dr Julie Reddy (SAQA) discuss How will we align micro-credentialling to the NQF so that it remains current and relevant?

Maryna Ritter (ASDSA Secretary) – Voting Results