Members With Designations

Below you will find our current active members with designations. These designees have given permission for their contact details to be shared.

Last update: 18 August 2022

The promise made by a professional designation

This person has the knowledge and the experience in the real world to achieve results consistently, expertly, and ethically. It also confirms that this person is up to date in their professional area and can do the job to meet current circumstances and requirements.

What does it take to get and keep a professional designation?

You must compile a portfolio of evidence of your past working experience and qualifications. The ASDSA evaluates this portfolio and awards the professional designation if you can show consistent good work performance at an expert level and in an ethical manner.

You must also demonstrate to us that you actively keep learning to remain current in your field (Continuing Professional Development) to retain your professional designation

Skills Development Masters

Skills Development Practitioners

Skills Development Techicians