Members and Board of the ASDSA

30th July 2013

RE: Recognition by SAQA as a Professional Body

We have received a formal letter from SAQA that we have now been officially recognised as a Professional Body. This recognition is an exceptional achievement which we have worked towards over a long time. Many people have contributed towards this achievement and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have contributed in our application and preparation.

However, we would not have achieved this goal were it not for our individual and corporate members, who as our shareholders, have supported us by paying membership fees and providing the crowning evidence to SAQA that we are a recognised sector in our own right and that we now have the authority to exercise the development and maintenance of professional designations and continuous professional development for the skills development facilitator occupations.

The designations which have been registered are:

Skills Development Practitioner (SD Practitioner)

Skills Development Technician (SD Technician)

Thank you from the Board and EXCO of the ASDSA. In due course we will be publishing details of

  • Application and assessment to earn one of the professional designations
  • Application and process to earn points for continuous professional development.

Yours sincerely


Chairperson: ASDSA


Tel: 082 – 8533778