Dear Reader,

We approach you as the Association for Skills Development in South Africa (ASDSA) which is the Professional Body for skills development. We request your assistance in a matter that has damaging implications for our national economy. As the matter involves a range of state departments, we are addressing this issue widely.

The recent announcement by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations as to the minimum size of a skills program, has far-reaching implications for public health and safety as well as South Africa’s relationships with our major trading partners.

The result of the announcement is that the mechanisms that were in place to meet licencing requirements for a range of essential skills have fallen away. These skills include amongst others: those needed to ensure health and safety in the workplace, food production management, and driven machinery.

Lack of appropriate licencing arrangements puts members of the public at risk, prevents organisations from meeting their regulatory requirements, and hinders trade in food products to other countries. In addition, it jeopardises the livelihoods of the skills development professionals responsible for training and assessing of these licences.

These matters will be of concern for several government agencies including the Departments of Higher Education and Training, Employment and Labour, Department of Trade, Industry and Competition; as well as organised labour and business.

The ASDSA has outlined the concerns expressed above, in a position paper that is attached for your consideration.

As there is no single body able to address this matter, the ASDSA is publishing the document as widely as possible in order to seek a sustainable solution.

We welcome the opportunity to expand on the concerns raised in the paper should it be of assistance.

Download the ASDSA Position Paper 2022